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By your side for over 60 years


Experience looking to the future

The company has its roots in the post-war period as a bicycle rent and repair service. At the end of the ’50s the Chauffeur Service began, and it soon became the main focus of the family at the heart of the company, who, dedicating ever growing energy and resources to this new venture, quickly developed and perfected their performance and quality of service to such a degree that it birthed the brand we know today, the brand that is still synonymous with excellence and recognized as a benchmark for quality.

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The future in the present

Autonoleggi Causin is a company specialized in Chauffeur Service.
For more than 60 years we have been a company that sets the standard: prized by our clientele, admired by our partners, imitated by our competition.

Each of the services we offer, be it a quick transfer or a long international trip, comes from a carefully planned process which our staff follows to completion, curating every detail.

We work hard every day with persistence and reliability in order to:

CREATE a reliable asset for our clients, while following a consistent and solid business development policy.

CONTRIBUTE to the well-being and professional growth of our partners and the members of our staff, in order to ensure that they feel like an integral part of the process.

SHARE with the outside world the innovative elements of our work, while fully respecting our ethical values and transparency policy.


Creativity that serves the business

Autonoleggi Causin’s main production goal is to maintain its position as a leader in the Chauffeur Service sector, which is accomplished through a constant development of the company based on experience, innovation, reliability, meticulous training and enhancement of the staff, consistent maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles and regular turnover in the vehicle fleet.

We feel inspired by a culture of change, as we won’t be simply satisfied with all we have accomplished so far, and constantly strive towards bettering our service.

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